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    Since When Where You Here to be Entertained / KinoKino, senter for kunst og film, Sandnes Norway / October 2012

These works are interpretations of Francis Ford Coppola’s film, The Conversation (1974). The film deals with some of my primary subjects, sound
and perception.
The video installation Sound Upon Sound Upon Sound (2012) is a meta work about sound and listening, but it's also concerned
with meaning, and how
meaning changes through translation and interpretation. In this video, I have sampled all the material from The Conversation
dealing with the playback of
sound of a recorded conversation. There are no spoken words in my work, only voices in a short laughter. The hands
sculpting the sound by means of various
mechanical tools, are the only physical human presence.

The painted text works are from a series based on the film dialogue, concerning the relationship between word and image. I'm interested in the
meaning and translation of spoken and written words, of how they are understood by rendering them through personal experiences and mental
images, and how words,
for the exact same reason, fail to make sense. The text's reflect on expectation, imitation, and the repetition of ideas often
presented in images, but also how
the words form visual structures on their own.

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